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Nuclear Pakistan
Strategic Dimensions
Edited by Zulfqar Khan
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This book is a critical study of the nuclear and deterrence-related security dilemma of Pakistan vis-ŕ-vis India. It recapitulates the different facets of its strategic dimensions in view of the growing conventional and strategic asymmetry. It critically examines some key issues like: NPT; nuclear command and control; the BMD system; Pakistan’s nuclear posture of credible minimum deterrence; the Kashmir conflict; Pakistan's approach to biological weapons non-proliferation regime; and the role of tactical nuclear weapons in future offensive-deterrence planning—from a Pakistani perspective.
In the twenty-first century, Pakistan faces multiple threats—military-cum-non-military in parallel with its weak economic, diplomatic and regional clout vis-ŕ-vis India. This situation was further aggravated as a consequence of the negative effects on Pakistan of the Indo–US nuclear agreement and their strategic partnership. Consequently, Pakistan’s policy of strategic posturing has manifestly shifted toward comparative risk taking with intent to strengthen its deterrence against India. Moreover, in order to make its deterrence more vibrant and effective, Pakistan had initiated sophisticated strategic measures in the realm of restructuring and reinforcement of its command and control and export control regimes. In addition, it calibrated its nuclear posturing on a more ambiguous pedestal. In this backdrop, the book endeavours to unravel a whole gamut of issues that are by default linked with this policy.
About the Author / Editor
Dr Zulfqar Khan enjoys over twenty-five years of experience in the field of research and analysis in different institutions and universities in the field of nuclear, defence, security, conflict, and diplomatic affairs. He is a Senior Analyst, Pakistan Ministry of Defence; Visiting Fellow Islamabad Policy Research Institute; former Visiting Faculty of Department of Defence and Strategic Studies, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad; and presently, Visiting Faculty of the National Defence University, Islamabad.
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Hardback 296 pages ISBN: 9780199063154 Price: Rs.200.00

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