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New Oxford Primary Science Teaching Guide 3
Nicholas Horsburgh
Readership / Level
For Pre-Primary and Classes 1Ė5
The Second Edition of New Oxford Primary Science seeks to give the pupils skills and tools to enable them to ask questions, and to evoke interest in the subject. It retains the strengths of the previous edition, improves upon it and provides a fresh approach to teaching core scientific concepts.
● All lessons are activity based. The inclusion of various new activities and topics has widened the scope of learning. Engaging exercises like word search, riddles and simple experiments help to make the series creative.
● Teaching objectives and learning outcomes have been included in each book.
● Text is better organized and the language is simple and direct. The introductory book, Starter, features
colouring, cutting and pasting activities which are appropriate for young learners.
● Illustrations have been carefully designed to complement the text, and will help facilitate class discussions.
● The added features of Do you remember? and Do you know? contain interesting scientific facts that appeal to children.
● The textbooks are larger in size.
● Diagrams and illustrations have been clearly labelled.
● Teacherís notes support the teacher in conducting a clear and well structured lesson.
● Glossary at the end of the book lists important or unfamiliar terms along with their meanings or definitions.
● Books 1 to 5 are each accompanied by a comprehensive new teaching guide.
OUPís Oxford First Science Dictionary is recommended as reference material for primary level.
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